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Visesa Ubud Resort and Spa

Your Holistic Healing Experience

Visesa Lifestyle

Visesa Spa is not an ordinary spa for body treatments, it is a blissful pampering spa for health, beauty and balance, your lifestyle of being pampered with more holistic Healing experience. The Visesa Ubud Resort & Spa philosophy is based on authentic Bali Usada principles, a traditional knowledge for curing ailments with the use of Ayurvedic medicinal plants, herbs and spices. White ginger, turmeric, papaya, rice powder and many other natural ingredients that blend harmoniously in masks and scrubs come directly from the Visesa permaculture gardens or are issued from selected organic products suppliers. Visesa Ubud Resort & Spa is an original concept offering blissful treatments with exquisite attention and care while providing unique opportunities to experience private consultations with a renowned Balinese healer.



Natural Cave
Five natural caves with views on the surrounding jungle have been set as mystical places to indulge in exclusive signature treatments symbolizing the five elements; Fire (Teja), Earth (Pertiwi), Water (Apah), Air (Bayu) and Space (Akasha) can perform in harmony. These elements are combined in such a way to create balance in human life and neutralize negative energy.
Opening hours: 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Balinese Pavilions
Five Balinese pavilions are outstanding places to experience blissful sensations of relaxation and wellness. Healing body massages, soothing natural rituals and esthetics treatment are also delivered by our experienced therapists in open bamboo pavilions with serene views on the rice fields complete with outdoor spa bath.
Opening hours: 09.00 AM – 09.00 PM

Loloh Healthy Bar
The Loloh Bar is a place of initiation to an original feature of the Indonesian traditional culture. Nearby Visesa Ubud Resort and Spa, guests are invited to taste freshly brewed health drinks derived from ancestral recipes. Made from raw vegetal extracts sweetened with honey, our traditional ‘Jamu’ drinks aim at body cleansing, energy boosting, inflammation reduction and weight loss.
Opening hours: 09.00 AM – 09.00 PM

Teba Visesa – Lounge
Comfortably designed in bamboo pavilion, Teba Visesa is an exceptional place to take pleasure and pamper your body and mind with a healing energy from the blessing ceremony, healer’s consultation and meditation. Treat yourself with a soothing foot reflexology and nail care overlooking the river.
Opening hours: 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Fitness Centre
Surrounded by rice paddy fields, Fitness Centre features the latest exercise equipment that offers non-comparable opportunity with a natural fresh air to enjoy regular workout overlooking the stunning beauty of green sanctuary and the daily farmer’s life. Open to in-house and outside guests.
Opening hours: 07.00 AM – 09.00 PM

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