Honoring Past Traditions

Capturing authentic Balinese culture, Desa Visesa is a magnificent destination in the heart of Ubud. Offers uplifting activities take the discerning travelers to refined new level of honoring past tradition.
A humble village surrounded by lush of permaculture landscape, be enticed to find the best resort in Ubud with organic rice paddies as the veranda with bespoke service, this resort offers a Visesa Host and exquisite gastronomic experiences.
Complete the intriguing experience in Desa Visesa with natural lifestyle of being pampered through Balinese Usadha-inspired and signature cave treatment sensation only at Visesa Spa.
Rediscovering Balinese authenticity is not an empty promise in Desa Visesa, feel the warmth and experience Bali’s tradition in a personal level.

Visesa Spa at Desa Visesa Ubud

Your Holistic Healing Experience

Desa Visesa Ubud as a destination has proudly announced the launching of VISESA SPA, a brand new level of spa treatment facilities, a balanced concept of healing senses and natural […]